Holiday Gift Guide

The perfect Fender Gifts for someone special

Start playing today with the basic Squier Strat Pack, or step up to the more powerful HSS or Bass pack.

Ideal for the first time player - our Squier electric packs include everything you need to start playing electric guitar and bass.

We've kept the choice simple. A full size steel string acoustic, two nylon string guitars which are easier on the fingers, and a ukulele pack which is super easy to learn and play.

Want a guitar you can just pick up and play? Our acoustics offer a range of body styles to suit every player.

These classic effects will give your guitar the voice you want - dirty, funky, juicy, screamy, echo, echo, echo...

Packed with epic tones, these pedals offer all the classic effects plus some unique features.

Keep your guitar looking and sounding its best.

All the essential bits and pieces a guitar player needs.

Here's something for the true guitar fanatic!

Guitarists love to wear their passion on their sleeve. Or head, or mug, or ...